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Kinnari Foundation, (section 25 company) is a social Institute founded in 1970 by late Mrs Kusum Chhatrapati, a freedom fighter and an active social worker. The aim of the Institute has been to promote welfare of women and children.

In association with late Mrs Kamladevi Chatopadhyay, she actively promoted social activity for women and also established a shop with a garden on Bhulabhai Desai Road to market their products.

On her death in August 2000, her daughter, Mrs Asmi Shah as Managing Director gave a new focus to the activities of the Institute. She established Kinnari Cultural Centre at the shop and garden at Bhulabhai Desai Road.

This Centre seeks to develop physical and mental skills of children of age group 3 - 14 with the help of experts. Classes are held to develop artistic skills like painting on various objects, dancing, music and physical development through judo, gymnastics, etc.

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Special programmes are arranged for children during vacations. For women, programmes like yoga, punchcraft, Quilling, decoupauge, mseal and gardening are arranged. For children, programmes like gymnastics, storytelling, english language, bharat natyam, painting, origami, bollywood and hip hop dance, drawing, taekwondo and also short courses for vaccation.

The entire objects of the Institute remains charitable and the surplus is used to provide fees for urban needy children.


We at Kinnari Foundation, a social Institute, have a VISION to be self sufficient in providing education.

MISSION of Kinnari Cultural Centre is to provide value education amongst nature to children and adults developing skill and confidence through a team effort of skilled teachers.


Kinnari's Philosophycan be understood through our relationship with the child -

  • upto 5 years unlimited love and care
  • 5 years to 15 years discipline

  • beyond 15 years your child is your friend

Be good to them, like you would to your friend.

All in all we believe :

That every child is like a little sapling and we should nurture it till it blossoms into a blooming tree.

Some points we would like to share about our philosophy . . .

    • The first six years of life are the most important years of a child's growth when unconscious learning emerges to the conscious level.

    • The best method is in the way you approach the child, the materials you provide in the environment, inculcate positive attitude towards learning, developing self confidence, work hard to increase her ability to concentrate, try and develop an abiding curiosity which is an essential element in creative learning, teach by teaching not by correcting and make the child put in her own initiative.

    • Children should be allowed to experience the joy of learning to ensure the development of self esteem.

    • Multi-sensory and sequential materials facilitate learning.

    • Every unnecessary help is an obstacle to the child's development.

    • The child who builds man is the personality we must always have in front of us. It is true that the mother brings the child from the unicellular stage to that of the newborn baby, but it is also true that from infancy to adulthood it is the child who builds man.