Hobby Classes

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At Kinnari Cultural Centre, classes are held to help children develop their educational and artistic abilities in a creative manner. We have a variety of hobby classes to suit individual talents.

As a special service, Kinnari Cultural Centre has appointed Dr Harshida Pandit to provide able guidance to parents who have children with behavioral disorders. ( By appointment only )

Enquire for Weekly Holiday Workshops, competition for Chess and other entertainment programmes.

Kinnari provides Medical Aid and Educational aid to the needy and we take corpus donation and issue 80G Certificate.

Hobby Classes for Children are as follows.

Classes for Children are as follows... ( Click on the area of your interest for details )
2 - 5 years    
 Language Development  Story Telling  
3 years & above    
 Fun Gym  Kids Project  Drawing
 Play Activity  
4 years & above    
 Amal (Junior Abacus)  Fusion Dance  Gymnastics
5 years & above    
 Ceramic Painting  Word Art  Handwriting Improvement
 Chess    Calligraphy
Ladies Classes    
 Conversational English  Abacus (7 -12 yrs)  Yoga
 Creativity in English (7 - 10 yrs)  Dance