Ladies Corner

  • Kinnari Cultural Centre Social

Kinnari Cultural Centre was started with the aim of promoting welfare of women and children. Till today, our goals are the same.

Classes are held to help women develop artistic skills like knitting, candle making, block printing, etc. that are not just hobbies but can empower them to set up their own small home enterprises.

All classes are held between 12 noon and 4 p.m.

Classes for Ladies are as follows... ( Click on the area of your interest for details )

 Flower Making  Knitting & Embroidery  Lamasa
 Murals  Clay work on pot  Calligraphy
 Tie n Dye  Ceramic Painting  Candle Making
 Vegetable Carving  Soft Toys  Stone Painting
 Stained Glass  Block Printing  Saree draping
 Make Up  Folk Dance  Rope Painting
 Yoga  Meditation  Etching
 Charcoal Painting  Tube Painting  Mirror Painting
 Taichi (new)  Odissi Dance (new)