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Dr Maria Montessori, the 1st woman doctor in Italy, the brain behind the scientific development of the Montessori method. Dr Maria Montessori's approach to education was to observe children carefully to discover their individual needs. She believed in the innovative method of teaching.

The Montessori approach places emphasis on educating the whole child covering all aspects of development - intellectual, social, physical, emotional and spiritual. Children should be allowed to experience the joy of learning. Multi-sensory and sequential material facilitate learning a sense of order and method.

the first 6 years are the formative period in a child's life where unconscious learning gradually emerges to the conscious learning.

Kinnari's Early Childhood Education . . .

  • Is a playgroup that offers a unique environment for your child integrated with nature. Here your child meets other children in an informal atmosphere.
  • Here, emphasis is not laid on academics but on learning through song, dance and play.
  • Within each child lies a unique talent. Being a member of this playgroup would facilitate in identifying this inherent talent and nurturing it.
  • Interacting with the peer group will help build confidence of your child, motivating him / her to improve and excel.
  • The faculty at Kinnari Play Group will guide in developing hobbies and moulding your kid into a mature child.
  • We lay a firm foundation for your child to grow stronger physically and equip them to face the future.

Kinnari Play Group and Nursery - The best start for your child.